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MindForce Consulting launched in 2004 as a spin-out of MBAGlobalNet, a project and full-time job site for experienced MBA professionals, also started by Rob Steir (in 1997). MindForce was one of the first consulting firms geared to leverage virtual independent workers, i.e. a network of experts. Today, a plethora of companies exist with a similar model. Steir penned an article published in 2007 "The on‐demand virtual advisory team: A new consulting paradigm?" in a journal known for showcasing new business methods, Global Business and Organizational Excellence Journal/.

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Currently 100% committed to solving the world's problems with too much waste and plastics, especially in smaller cities in the developing world and islands. Current partner in waste-to-energy company (FrontlineWaste.com), and Co-Founder of a new NGO focused on reducing plastic waste in the world (CAPP.global). I was also the main author of a UN-sponsored report that developed a new scorecard for the world's stakeholders to use in order to make better commitments to prevent and reduce plastic pollution in our ocean.

In general, Rob is a pioneering entrepreneur who brings to each new market opportunity an optimistic “go-to-market/can do” mentality, a high-aptitude for program development from concept to implementation, and usually a large number of novel “out of box” ideas (example: his real-time sports prediction patent granted 2015). He, then, individually or within a collaborative team environment, can create and execute well-thought out actionable/practical programs or projects, including time-sensitive multi-consultant/expert programs and business plans.

Seasoned executive with 25 years experience in early stage products and companies. An inveterate connector and networker, he is expert at opening doors and business development, in assessing early stage opportunities, generating business plans and investor presentations, doing deep diligence on all aspects of a venture, team building and telling the company’s story.

Results-oriented. Rob is a “doer” and a self-motivated, independent thinker. He not only brings this unique ability to formulate clever solutions to problems, but he also does everything with high integrity, passion, persistence, creativity, and purpose. He is equally adept at working with large organizations, such as AT&T Intellectual Property, fast-growing companies, and even working with individual patent holders with big dreams.

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